How to Remove Someone From Your Netflix Account

Netflix is ​​a magnet for freeloading friends. A good ” use ” manual will always be attentive to any possible acquaintance, family member or colleague who has a Netflix subscription and is willing to share it.

After all, sharing an Netflix account is as simple as providing the password or logging into the device that will be used to view the content of the platform.

How to Remove Someone From Your Netflix Account

But what if we want to backtrack? What if we have been traveling, we have used our Netflix account from the hotel TV and we have forgotten to log out?

In these cases it is imperative that we can block access on that device and kick out anyone who is using our account without our consent.

Simultaneous plays and blocked accounts

Before starting to look for solutions, it is important that we take these two factors into consideration:

  • All Netflix accounts have a limited number of simultaneous streams. If we have a standard subscription we can play content simultaneously on a maximum of 2 devices. If we have a premium account, this limit is extended to 4 simultaneous reproductions. If we exceed this limit, Netflix will simply not let us see anything at all.
  • Sharing our Netflix account indiscriminately can cause our account to be blocked. Within its rules, Netflix allows account sharing with other users, but only within the family environment. That is, if the company detects that we are sharing the subscription with friends or complete strangers, it may consider that we are violating the rules of use, and therefore, block the account.

How to find out who has been using my Netflix account

At this point, it can be interesting to know who has been taking advantage of our subscription to the streaming platform. We can know what IP address has been connecting, what is its location and the type of device it uses.

This will be great for us to detect any infiltrator who is using the account without our consent:

  • Log  into your Netflix account from the browser.
  • Hover the mouse over your profile icon (located in the upper right hand corner of the screen) and click on the ” Account ” option.
  • Among the different configuration options, select ” Recent device streaming activity “.

This will load a list where we will see all the recent connections made with our Netflix account. In my case, for example, it has helped me to detect a most suspicious connection made from outside Spain (more specifically, from New Jersey).

How to kick someone out to stop them from using our Netflix account

Currently Netflix offers two solutions to tackle this type of problem.

1- Log out of the device remotely

If you want someone to stop using Netflix with your account, you can choose to log out remotely. In this way, if you do not know the access password, you will not be able to enter again.

The big drawback, however, is that Netflix does not allow you to close the session individually, with the closing being mandatory on all registered devices. This means that afterwards we will have to log in one by one on all the devices we use to watch the series and movies on the platform.

The process is as simple as entering Netflix from a browser, going to the “Account” settings as explained in the previous point, and clicking on the ” Close session on all devices ” option.

Keep in mind, of course, that this is a process that can take up to 8 hours to take effect.

Once this is done, only those who know the access email and password will be able to log in to Netflix with your account again. Fast and easy.

2- Change the access password

This is the most drastic solution, since changing the password will ensure that only we can re-enter. If you have left the access codes to a friend, colleague or neighbor and you do not want them to continue “sucking from the boat”, reset the password and matter fixed:

  • Log  into your Netflix account  from the browser.
  • Hover the mouse over your profile icon (located in the upper right hand corner of the screen) and click on the ” Account ” option.
  • Within the “Subscription and billing” options, click on “Change password”.
  • Set a new password.

Keep in mind that in order to change the password, it is also necessary to provide the current password. This is a security check that prevents any unknown person from changing the password without our consent.

Once the change is made, we will only have to log in again with the new password and continue with our life with one less worry in mind.